Women Brown Solid Body Tape

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Women brown solid body tape, sweat proof, water proof, one size fits all, safe to use directly on the skin, and can be worn for 8-10 hours. How to apply body tape: 1. Clean and dry your skin first. 2. Cut the required length of tape as per your desired placement. 3. Use one hand to lift your breast to the desired position and place the tape using the other hand. 4. Slowly peel the liner while applying the body tape. Gently pat to ensure it sticks to the skin properly. 5. Do not remove for readjustment. 6. Do not re-apply the used product. 7. After use, cautiously remove the product (check out the removal guide mentioned below). How to remove the body tape. 1. Soak the tape completely with coconut oil or body lotion. 2. Let the tape absorb the oil or lotion for at least 15 minutes. 3. Once the adhesive on the tape loosens up, gently peel the tape away from your body. Use more oil or lotion if needed. 4. Do not rip the body tape off like a band aid as it may cause rashes. 5. Dispose of the used product responsibly.
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