Track Your Order

Insert Your Shipment Track id Here

Fill in your Tracking Shipment ID in the box and click on the Button "Track Your Order"

Don't have your Tracking Shipment ID? Here's how you can find it

Tracking shipment ID is sent via text message and email after the order is dispatched. Check your messages or email to find it.

If you're unable to find it then you can use "Order Number" as well to track your order.

Follow these steps to find out your order number.

Step 1: Login to your ZeroKaata account using your registered email address.

Step 2: Go to My Account and click on "My Orders".

Step 3: Check your Order Number under the column "Order #"

Step 4: Use this Order Number to track your package

If you're still unable to track your order, call/Whatsapp us at +91-6280133248