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  • Jingling Olive and Silver LoopsJingling Olive and Silver Loops

    Jingling Olive and Silver Loops

    Regular Price: Rs.5,330.00

    Special Price: Rs.800.00

    Discount: 85%

    No. of Views: 33435

    Perfect to add a hint of elegance and panache to ...
  • Marble Cake DanglersMarble Cake Danglers

    Marble Cake Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.5,670.00

    Special Price: Rs.851.00

    Discount: 85%

    No. of Views: 33589

    Play it quirky with these quintessential marble c...
  • Twisted Tale Elephant EarringsTwisted Tale Elephant Earrings

    Twisted Tale Elephant Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.5,600.00

    Special Price: Rs.840.00

    Discount: 85%

    No. of Views: 33291

    Ready to rock a classy look? These elegant twisted t...
  • Swarovski Ludo StudsSwarovski Ludo Studs

    Swarovski Ludo Studs

    Regular Price: Rs.5,400.00

    Special Price: Rs.810.00

    Discount: 85%

    No. of Views: 25594

    Handcrafted with love and a streak of finesse, th...
  • Crystal Raindrops HoopsCrystal Raindrops Hoops

    Crystal Raindrops Hoops

    Regular Price: Rs.5,860.00

    Special Price: Rs.879.00

    Discount: 85%

    No. of Views: 12400

    Add a hint of an elegant charm to your style and l...
  • Caught-in-a-Hook Ivory DanglersCaught-in-a-Hook Ivory Danglers

    Caught-in-a-Hook Ivory Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.5,630.00

    Special Price: Rs.845.00

    Discount: 85%

    No. of Views: 46475

    Invest in these alluring caught-in-a-hook ivory sil...
  • Black Drops of Joy DanglersBlack Drops of Joy Danglers

    Black Drops of Joy Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.5,550.00

    Special Price: Rs.833.00

    Discount: 85%

    No. of Views: 19826

    The elegant style of these alluring black drops of ...

7 Item(s)

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