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  • 4 Sides of a Triangle Loops4 Sides of a Triangle Loops

    4 Sides of a Triangle Loops

    Regular Price: Rs.4,410.00

    Special Price Rs.1,100.00

    Discount: 75%

    Perfect to add that charm and class to your look, th...
  • A Bed of RosesA Bed of Roses

    A Bed of Roses

    Regular Price: Rs.2,030.00

    Special Price Rs.1,218.00

    Discount: 40%

    Escape into the world of elegance with these allur...
  • A Shield of DiamondsA Shield of Diamonds

    A Shield of Diamonds

    Regular Price: Rs.3,600.00

    Special Price Rs.900.00

    Discount: 75%

    Seize the day with a bold look paired with a hint...
  • A Shield of diamondsA Shield of diamonds

    A Shield of diamonds

    Regular Price: Rs.2,520.00

    Special Price Rs.1,512.00

    Discount: 40%

    Get your hands on these drool worthy sparkling shi...
  • And We Twist Lotus LoopsAnd We Twist Lotus Loops

    And We Twist Lotus Loops

    Regular Price: Rs.3,360.00

    Special Price Rs.840.00

    Discount: 75%

    Fashioned into a classic twisted design, these twis...
  • Black and Silver Shield StudsBlack and Silver Shield Studs

    Black and Silver Shield Studs

    Regular Price: Rs.2,180.00

    Special Price Rs.545.00

    Discount: 75%

    Sprinkle your charm with a hint of vintage vibe and s...
  • Black Drops of Joy DanglersBlack Drops of Joy Danglers

    Black Drops of Joy Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.5,550.00

    Special Price Rs.3,330.00

    Discount: 40%

    The elegant style of these alluring black drops of ...
  • Black Question Mark Silver DanglersBlack Question Mark Silver Danglers

    Black Question Mark Silver Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.4,140.00

    Special Price Rs.1,035.00

    Discount: 75%

    Handcrafted with finesse, these pretty black quest...
  • Blue Lagoon Gold EarringsBlue Lagoon Gold Earrings

    Blue Lagoon Gold Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.3,980.00

    Special Price Rs.995.00

    Discount: 75%

    Add a hint of subtle sophistication to your style ...
  • Caught-in-a-Hook Ivory DanglersCaught-in-a-Hook Ivory Danglers

    Caught-in-a-Hook Ivory Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.5,630.00

    Special Price Rs.1,410.00

    Discount: 75%

    Invest in these alluring caught-in-a-hook ivory sil...
  • Cherry on Top Silver EarringsCherry on Top Silver Earrings

    Cherry on Top Silver Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.7,680.00

    Special Price Rs.1,920.00

    Discount: 75%

    Add a glitz of style to your look with th...
  • Chocolate Nutties Silver HoopsChocolate Nutties Silver Hoops

    Chocolate Nutties Silver Hoops

    Regular Price: Rs.2,630.00

    Special Price Rs.655.00

    Discount: 75%

    You can never go wrong with these yummy chocol...
  • Colonial Pane Silver LoopsColonial Pane Silver Loops

    Colonial Pane Silver Loops

    Regular Price: Rs.4,820.00

    Special Price Rs.1,200.00

    Discount: 75%

    Delve into elegance and class as you invest in th...
  • Crazy Eyed Owl StudsCrazy Eyed Owl Studs

    Crazy Eyed Owl Studs

    Regular Price: Rs.2,100.00

    Special Price Rs.525.00

    Discount: 75%

    Get your crazy vibes on with these beautifu...
  • Crystal Raindrops HoopsCrystal Raindrops Hoops

    Crystal Raindrops Hoops

    Regular Price: Rs.5,860.00

    Special Price Rs.1,465.00

    Discount: 75%

    Add a hint of an elegant charm to your style and l...
  • Daily Easy StudsDaily Easy Studs

    Daily Easy Studs

    Regular Price: Rs.2,580.00

    Special Price Rs.645.00

    Discount: 75%

    Wana keep it simple and elegant? Try these pretty da...
  • Day and Night Flat EarringsDay and Night Flat Earrings

    Day and Night Flat Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.3,180.00

    Special Price Rs.795.00

    Discount: 75%

    Handcrafted into sterling silver, these beautiful ...
  • Delicate Daisy StudsDelicate Daisy Studs

    Delicate Daisy Studs

    Regular Price: Rs.3,000.00

    Special Price Rs.750.00

    Discount: 75%

    The delicacy and subtle sophistication of these pre...
  • Flat Black and Gold DanglersFlat Black and Gold Danglers

    Flat Black and Gold Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.3,720.00

    Special Price Rs.930.00

    Discount: 75%

    Delve into the sheer beauty of these handcrafted f...
  • Flying Eagle Drop EarringsFlying Eagle Drop Earrings

    Flying Eagle Drop Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.1,510.00

    Special Price Rs.906.00

    Discount: 40%

    Delve into the surreal charm and beauty of th...
  • Glittering Daisies StudsGlittering Daisies Studs

    Glittering Daisies Studs

    Regular Price: Rs.2,610.00

    Special Price Rs.1,566.00

    Discount: 40%

    Handcrafted with finesse and intricate designing is w...
  • Glittering Smiles DanglersGlittering Smiles Danglers

    Glittering Smiles Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.9,240.00

    Special Price Rs.2,310.00

    Discount: 75%

    Splurge on these alluring glittering smiles sil...
  • Golden Blue Bead EarringsGolden Blue Bead Earrings

    Golden Blue Bead Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.4,680.00

    Special Price Rs.1,170.00

    Discount: 75%

    Perfect to enliven your look with a contemporary fla...
  • Golden Folral EarringsGolden Folral Earrings

    Golden Folral Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.4,000.00

    Special Price Rs.1,000.00

    Discount: 75%

    Get your hands on these alluring golden floral b...
  • Golden Pearl Drop EarringsGolden Pearl Drop Earrings

    Golden Pearl Drop Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.4,030.00

    Special Price Rs.1,010.00

    Discount: 75%

    Add a contemporary flair to your style with th...
  • Heart of Life EarringsHeart of Life Earrings

    Heart of Life Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.4,760.00

    Special Price Rs.1,190.00

    Discount: 75%

    Indulge in these gorgeously handcrafted heart sha...
  • Hexagonal Arrow StudsHexagonal Arrow Studs

    Hexagonal Arrow Studs

    Regular Price: Rs.2,880.00

    Special Price Rs.1,728.00

    Discount: 40%

    An elegant dose of style and class wrapped in me...
  • Infinite Fame Navy Crystal DanglersInfinite Fame Navy Crystal Danglers

    Infinite Fame Navy Crystal Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.6,300.00

    Special Price Rs.3,780.00

    Discount: 40%

    Add a tad of glitz with these alluring infinite f...
  • Inverted Crown Oval Pink DanglersInverted Crown Oval Pink Danglers

    Inverted Crown Oval Pink Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.3,250.00

    Special Price Rs.815.00

    Discount: 75%

    A beautiful piece of jewellery, perfect to slay th...
  • Jingling Olive and Silver LoopsJingling Olive and Silver Loops

    Jingling Olive and Silver Loops

    Regular Price: Rs.5,330.00

    Special Price Rs.1,330.00

    Discount: 75%

    Perfect to add a hint of elegance and panache to ...
  • Marble Cake DanglersMarble Cake Danglers

    Marble Cake Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.5,670.00

    Special Price Rs.1,410.00

    Discount: 75%

    Play it quirky with these quintessential marble c...
  • Peach and Olive DropsPeach and Olive Drops

    Peach and Olive Drops

    Regular Price: Rs.3,280.00

    Special Price Rs.1,968.00

    Discount: 40%

    The mix and match of class and contemporary style...
  • Pearched Birds Black and Gold HooksPearched Birds Black and Gold Hooks

    Pearched Birds Black and Gold Hooks

    Regular Price: Rs.4,810.00

    Special Price Rs.1,200.00

    Discount: 75%

    The combination of Black and gold is definitely a ma...
  • She's Like a Star StudsShe's Like a Star Studs

    She's Like a Star Studs

    Regular Price: Rs.2,160.00

    Special Price Rs.1,296.00

    Discount: 40%

    Prep your for a classy chic look with these beautifu...
  • Silver Blue Peatles EarringsSilver Blue Peatles Earrings

    Silver Blue Peatles Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.3,860.00

    Special Price Rs.2,316.00

    Discount: 40%

    Get your hands on these pretty blue petals sil...
  • Silver Cross EarringsSilver Cross Earrings

    Silver Cross Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.1,930.00

    Special Price Rs.485.00

    Discount: 75%

    Add a touch of class and regal drama to your look w...

Items 1 to 36 of 48 total


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