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  • Pearched Birds Black and Gold HooksPearched Birds Black and Gold Hooks

    Pearched Birds Black and Gold Hooks

    Regular Price: Rs.4,810.00

    Special Price: Rs.962.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 16761

    The combination of Black and gold is definitely a ma...
  • Heart of Life PendantHeart of Life Pendant

    Heart of Life Pendant

    Regular Price: Rs.3,720.00

    Special Price: Rs.558.00

    Discount: 85%

    No. of Views: 20315

    Adorn a subtle and elegant look with this pretty he...
  • Crystal Raindrops HoopsCrystal Raindrops Hoops

    Crystal Raindrops Hoops

    Regular Price: Rs.5,860.00

    Special Price: Rs.1,172.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 12400

    Add a hint of an elegant charm to your style and l...
  • Tribal Gold and Turquoise DanglersTribal Gold and Turquoise Danglers

    Tribal Gold and Turquoise Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.4,060.00

    Special Price: Rs.812.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 43577

    The intricate detailing on these tribal gold ...
  • Geometric Stone Drop EarringsGeometric Stone Drop Earrings

    Geometric Stone Drop Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.4,790.00

    Special Price: Rs.958.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 12508

    We are falling in love already with these breathtakin...
  • Twist Me Silver EarringsTwist Me Silver Earrings

    Twist Me Silver Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.4,280.00

    Special Price: Rs.856.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 32455

    Take your styling game a notch higher and add...
  • Valley of Sunflowers Silver LoopsValley of Sunflowers Silver Loops

    Valley of Sunflowers Silver Loops

    Regular Price: Rs.4,550.00

    Special Price: Rs.910.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 38602

    Channel your feminine side with these beautifu...
  • Winter Frost Silver StudsWinter Frost Silver Studs

    Winter Frost Silver Studs

    Regular Price: Rs.1,600.00

    Special Price: Rs.320.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 36953

    Get your hands on these beautiful Game of thro...
  • Glittering Smiles DanglersGlittering Smiles Danglers

    Glittering Smiles Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.9,240.00

    Special Price: Rs.1,848.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 18665

    Splurge on these alluring glittering smiles sil...
  • Glittering Daisies StudsGlittering Daisies Studs

    Glittering Daisies Studs

    Regular Price: Rs.2,610.00

    Special Price: Rs.522.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 40005

    Handcrafted with finesse and intricate designing is w...
  • Caught-in-a-Hook Ivory DanglersCaught-in-a-Hook Ivory Danglers

    Caught-in-a-Hook Ivory Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.5,630.00

    Special Price: Rs.1,126.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 46475

    Invest in these alluring caught-in-a-hook ivory sil...
  • Silver Sun Flower PendantSilver Sun Flower Pendant

    Silver Sun Flower Pendant

    Regular Price: Rs.4,230.00

    Special Price: Rs.635.00

    Discount: 85%

    No. of Views: 24136

    Ready to steal focus and garner tons of compliments? ...
  • Twisted Tale Elephant EarringsTwisted Tale Elephant Earrings

    Twisted Tale Elephant Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.5,600.00

    Special Price: Rs.1,120.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 33291

    Ready to rock a classy look? These elegant twisted t...
  • Silver Cross EarringsSilver Cross Earrings

    Silver Cross Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.1,930.00

    Special Price: Rs.386.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 10217

    Add a touch of class and regal drama to your look w...
  • Flying Eagle Drop EarringsFlying Eagle Drop Earrings

    Flying Eagle Drop Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.1,510.00

    Special Price: Rs.302.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 43201

    Delve into the surreal charm and beauty of th...
  • Day and Night Flat EarringsDay and Night Flat Earrings

    Day and Night Flat Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.3,180.00

    Special Price: Rs.636.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 35344

    Handcrafted into sterling silver, these beautiful ...
  • Golden Folral EarringsGolden Folral Earrings

    Golden Folral Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.4,000.00

    Special Price: Rs.800.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 32615

    Get your hands on these alluring golden floral b...
  • Black Question Mark Silver DanglersBlack Question Mark Silver Danglers

    Black Question Mark Silver Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.4,140.00

    Special Price: Rs.828.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 21964

    Handcrafted with finesse, these pretty black quest...
  • A Shield of DiamondsA Shield of Diamonds

    A Shield of Diamonds

    Regular Price: Rs.3,600.00

    Special Price: Rs.720.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 18022

    Seize the day with a bold look paired with a hint...
  • Black Drops of Joy DanglersBlack Drops of Joy Danglers

    Black Drops of Joy Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.5,550.00

    Special Price: Rs.1,110.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 19826

    The elegant style of these alluring black drops of ...
  • Onyx in a Cage PendantOnyx in a Cage Pendant

    Onyx in a Cage Pendant

    Regular Price: Rs.4,760.00

    Special Price: Rs.714.00

    Discount: 85%

    No. of Views: 19707

    The intricate detailing and designing underlying th...
  • Inverted Crown Oval Pink DanglersInverted Crown Oval Pink Danglers

    Inverted Crown Oval Pink Danglers

    Regular Price: Rs.3,250.00

    Special Price: Rs.650.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 42265

    A beautiful piece of jewellery, perfect to slay th...
  • Heart of Life EarringsHeart of Life Earrings

    Heart of Life Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.4,760.00

    Special Price: Rs.952.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 35740

    Indulge in these gorgeously handcrafted heart sha...
  • Silver Blue Peatles EarringsSilver Blue Peatles Earrings

    Silver Blue Peatles Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.3,860.00

    Special Price: Rs.772.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 43432

    Get your hands on these pretty blue petals sil...
  • Zig Zag Pearl Drop Gold EarringsZig Zag Pearl Drop Gold Earrings

    Zig Zag Pearl Drop Gold Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.3,780.00

    Special Price: Rs.756.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 13696

    Delve into exotic vibes as you lay your hands on th...
  • Colonial Pane Silver LoopsColonial Pane Silver Loops

    Colonial Pane Silver Loops

    Regular Price: Rs.4,820.00

    Special Price: Rs.964.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 18942

    Delve into elegance and class as you invest in th...
  • The Silver Porcupine StudsThe Silver Porcupine Studs

    The Silver Porcupine Studs

    Regular Price: Rs.1,940.00

    Special Price: Rs.388.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 38732

    Grab these perfectly handcrafted silver porcupine s...
  • 4 Sides of a Triangle Loops4 Sides of a Triangle Loops

    4 Sides of a Triangle Loops

    Regular Price: Rs.4,410.00

    Special Price: Rs.882.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 40578

    Perfect to add that charm and class to your look, th...
  • Wind Under My Wings PendantWind Under My Wings Pendant

    Wind Under My Wings Pendant

    Regular Price: Rs.2,600.00

    Special Price: Rs.520.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 37203

    Packed with a punch of class and style, this allur...
  • Chocolate Nutties Silver HoopsChocolate Nutties Silver Hoops

    Chocolate Nutties Silver Hoops

    Regular Price: Rs.2,630.00

    Special Price: Rs.526.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 37531

    You can never go wrong with these yummy chocol...
  • Black and Silver Shield StudsBlack and Silver Shield Studs

    Black and Silver Shield Studs

    Regular Price: Rs.2,180.00

    Special Price: Rs.436.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 31412

    Sprinkle your charm with a hint of vintage vibe and s...
  • Golden Pearl Drop EarringsGolden Pearl Drop Earrings

    Golden Pearl Drop Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.4,030.00

    Special Price: Rs.806.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 43111

    Add a contemporary flair to your style with th...
  • Golden Blue Bead EarringsGolden Blue Bead Earrings

    Golden Blue Bead Earrings

    Regular Price: Rs.4,680.00

    Special Price: Rs.936.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 27538

    Perfect to enliven your look with a contemporary fla...
  • Jingling Olive and Silver LoopsJingling Olive and Silver Loops

    Jingling Olive and Silver Loops

    Regular Price: Rs.5,330.00

    Special Price: Rs.1,066.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 33435

    Perfect to add a hint of elegance and panache to ...
  • Crazy Eyed Owl StudsCrazy Eyed Owl Studs

    Crazy Eyed Owl Studs

    Regular Price: Rs.2,100.00

    Special Price: Rs.420.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 24882

    Get your crazy vibes on with these beautifu...
  • Under my Umbrella Green DropsUnder my Umbrella Green Drops

    Under my Umbrella Green Drops

    Regular Price: Rs.5,280.00

    Special Price: Rs.1,056.00

    Discount: 80%

    No. of Views: 43513

    Take your sartorial game a notch higher with these ...

Items 1 to 36 of 46 total



Whether it’s the minimal studs or elegant pendant necklace, you can never go wrong with the silver jewellery.  The shiny metal looks good on all skin types and doesn’t cut a hole in your pocket as well.

Our silver jewellery collection contains everything from earrings to necklaces, bracelets and rings, handcrafted in 92.5 Sterling Silver. Indulge in the timeless nature of classic silver antique jewellery available at ZeroKaata, your best online jewellery store and add oodles of charm to your otherwise regular look.

Shop silver jewellery online at the best and affordable prices.

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From subtle studs and party wear danglers to silver plated oxidized jhumkis, our collection of silver earrings will leave you awestruck. Handcrafted with love and finesse, our exquisite designs of silver jewellery are perfect to be adorned on any occasion.


Our classic collection of silver necklaces has everything from dainty pendants to party wear silver necklaces studded with semi-precious stones, crafted in 92.5 Sterling Silver. Shop silver jewellery online and delve into the timeless beauty of our pretty silver treats.


Perfect to exude any outfit, our collection of Sterling silver bracelets will make you look just adorable. We have the best range of Handmade bracelets made with the combination of Semi-precious stones and Sterling silver. Shop now!

Care Instructions:

Keep away from water and perfume. Store individually in a Zip-lock pouch.

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