About Us

About ZeroKaata


Our company, Take me home e-Solution Private Limited founded ZeroKaata in 2014.

After more than half a decade of emerging e-commerce trends across the industry, ZeroKaata continues to push the boundaries of excellence and and ever greater innovation in the jewellery designs we manufacture and curate.

An e-commerce extraordinaire, ZeroKaata is involved in every stage of jewellery making process - from the sourcing of each rough stone, right through to the cutting, polishing and final setting of each exquisite piece of Jewelry. Through, Take me home e-Solution Private Limited and other alliances, the Company is engaged in exclusive merchandise selection, manufacturing and their retailing activities in India and International Market.

ZeroKaata is more than just a name – it is the passion and distinctive style of craftsmen which has inspired young enthusiast from management background, to collaborate each day and create the most fabulous service provider in the industry whereby setting new benchmarks of Lifestyle and Value.